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Are you promoting a new product or service you haven’t offered before? Is your industry competitive? If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, then online advertising campaigns may be the right solution for you.

As the primary way to advertise on the internet, pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are the ads you see featured on Google, Bing or Yahoo in your search results. PPC campaigns allow you to craft ads specific to a particular set of keyword phrases that you define. This allows you to promote your website directly to users interested in your product or service.

Campaigns work on a bidding process model, you only pay for clicks to your site. The bidding process model allows you to set the amount you want to spend on each keyword, per month, giving you complete control over how much to invest in your advertising budget. In addition, you can create image ads that are targeted to mobile users and affiliate partners, giving your website even greater exposure.


Relevant Ads

Ensure that your Google Adwords and Bing ads are relevant to your landing page and its associated keywords.

Get in Touch

Tell your visitors what you want them to do. Include a “call to action” in your ads

Use Keyword Insertion

Use dynamic keyword insertion to ensure your target keywords are present in the title and ad text

Craft Awesome Ads

Create ads that draw attention – use capital letters as the first letter of each word to make your ad standout

Include Keywords

Include keywords in the URL field. They will become bold if searched for

Highlight Your Offer

Highlight appealing promotions or special offer pricing

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It has been a real pleasure working with the talented and professional staff at Support Unlimited. They realize what our needs are and together we are able to develop a plan that fits. Support Unlimited consistently goes above and beyond the call. In fact, it’s like having our own in house web developer.

Support Unlimited has provided website design and hosting services to us for over seven years. What we value most is Bonnie’s knowledge about how to best optimize our website as a business tool.

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