Today, more than ever, search engine optimization (SEO) relies on user engagement.  Gone are the days when web developers could insert meta tag keywords, title tags and descriptions and wait for rankings to appear.  Today’s search engines are actively ranking web sites based on user interaction.  This means that social media is a key factor in augmenting your organization’s web site to achieve the best search engine results page (SERP).

The most effective web sites share following characteristics:

Pleasing, updated design

Unique and grammatically correct content

Interesting and compelling content visitors will be inspired to share with others

Easy for visitors to navigate

No hidden backlinks to non-trustworthy web sites, eroding your credibility

Optimized for mobile visitors


It’s important for company owners and employees to be active participants in your search engine marketing efforts.  Engaging visitors is essential; therefore, each page of your web site needs to be unique, compelling, and interesting enough to encourage visitors to share the page with others.

A well-optimized web site will have an active blog, where visitors can comment and engage with your customers in a way that can be quickly and easily shared on social media web sites.  At every opportunity,  companies need to interact with these engaged customers, employing Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, to share news and information that is useful to your customers.  Companies should also be actively monitoring reviews through review sites, such as Yelp and Google Reviews.  Timely and accurate responses to comments, both positive and negative, will go a long way toward reinforcing your credibility in the eyes of the viewer.

We offer you the benefit of professional writers experienced in crafting grammatically correct content that is unique, compelling, and targeted to the specific keywords a visitor may search for when looking for a company’s product or services.  Combined with strong technical support and analytics, this means a harder working web site for you.

At every opportunity, we will be your partner in optimizing the benefits of your web site.  We ensure that the backend of the web site contains the title tags paramount in optimizing your web site, as well as help you analyze traffic to ensure that your web site can reach the following targeted goals:

High search engine rankings

Low bounce rate

Amount of length of time spent on site is significant

High browse rate

High click through rate (CTR)

Great diversity of traffic

What others say about us

Support Unlimited was very responsive to creating a new site for us that had a clean, up-to-date look, and fell within our budget. They were also good at catering to the level of technological knowledge that our internal staff had in creating the site.

Support Unlimited has hosted and maintained our website for over 10 years. I have found them to be very responsive and innovative. Their original and unique ideas have made our website a real asset to our business. I highly recommend their services.

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